The IZiNCG tasks proposed for the next four years (2016–2020) are divided into the following six areas:

1)    A randomized, double-blind community based efficacy study of supplementation of varied doses of zinc in micronutrient powders and zinc supplements in Bangladeshi older infants and young children

2)    An effectiveness study of zinc supplements delivered through an existing child-health program (location to be determined)

3)    An efficacy study of a zinc-fortified product consumed at household level on functional outcomes in pregnant women and their infants (location to be determined)

4)    Evaluating existing dietary zinc and phytate assessment tools and developing new tools, if needed

5)    Developing a simulation model to test regimens for restoring zinc pools in zinc-deficient infants

6)    IZiNCG technical guidance and advocacy efforts

Additional details will be shared once the projects are underway.