FAO/INFOODS/IZincg  global food composition database for phytate

The production of this database was a collaborative effort between FAO, INFOODS, and IZiNCG.  It is the first global repository of analytical data on phytate in its different forms, as well as of iron, zinc, calcium, water, and different phytate:mineral molar ratios. 

The database can be accessed here: PhyFoodComp1.0

The accompanying user guide can be accessed here: PhyFoodComp1.0 User guide


Systematic reviews of zinc intervention strategies, 2nd IZiNCG Technical Document

Reviews on current information on the intervention strategies that have been developed to enhance zinc nutrition and control zinc deficiency
Food and Nutrition Bulletin, Volume 30, Number 1: S1-S186; 2009

The conclusion paper "Galvanizing action: Conclusions and next steps for mainstreaming zinc interventions in public health programs" by Brown KH, Baker SK and IZiNCG Steering Committee (Food Nutr Bull 30:S179-184;2009) has been translated into French and Chinese:

in French: Action de relance : Conclusions et étapes suivantes pour l’intégration des interventions sur le zinc dans les programmes de santé publique

in Chinese: Galvanizing action: Conclusions and next steps for mainstreaming zinc interventions in public health programs


Report of a WHO/UNICEF/IAEA/IZiNCG interagency meeting on zinc status indicators

Recommendations and background papers of this meeting have been published in the Food Nutrition Bulletin
Volume 28, Number 3: S399-SS483;2007

Individual chapters


Assessment of the risk of zinc deficiency in populations and options for its control, 1st IZiNCG technical document

The first IZiNCG Technical Document was compiled by the Steering Committee, peer-reviewed and published as a supplement to the  Food and Nutrition Bulletin  (Volume 25, Supplement 2:S94-S204;2004)

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