IZiNCG sees a world in which no child suffers from infectious disease, stunting, premature death, or other adverse conditions because of zinc deficiency.


IZiNCG aims to provide leadership by advocating and supporting well-designed and effective zinc nutrition interventions at scale for children and women, based on sound technical guidance and best practices. IZiNCG aims to pool together the talents and experience of the world's leaders in zinc nutrition and become a global resource for the best science, strategic thinking, and policy recommendations to control zinc deficiency. We will do this by:

1.     Designing and testing best in class protocols for large scale zinc interventions

2.     Determining the components of effective methods to improve zinc deficient diets in women of reproductive age (WRA) and infants and young children (IYC)

3.     Partnering with local organizations who understand local health delivery environments

4.     Advocating governments to include zinc assessment in national surveys

Photo sources (left to right): S Hess and J Siekmann; USA and Rwanda