The second edition of IZiNCG Practical Tips: Collecting blood in the field for assessment of plasma or serum zinc concentration is now available on our website.

The document briefly covers the following topics:

  • Precautions to prevent transmission of infectious agents when handling blood samples 

  • Practices and supplies to avoid zinc contamination of samples 

  • Tips for blood collection technique 

  • Tips for processing samples 

  • Tips for aliquoting of samples in the field laboratory 

  • Tips for sample analyses 

  • Information on reference laboratories

  • Tips for statistical analyses 

  • List of trace element-free blood collection supplies 

  • Image examples of field laboratory hoods

  • Example laboratory protocols for the analysis of plasma/serum zinc by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) 

Please contact IZiNCG with any questions or comments regarding this brief.